Projects Portfolio and Customers

Airbus Finkenwerder

BP Out Gmbh

ESBN Change Platform Risk Manager

01/2014 - 08/2014

  • Reporting to the ESB Change Plataform Leader, followed up and escalated issues to assured way foward and fast solving.
  • Evaluated risk saving cost impact.
  • Defined, planned and deployed new Risk Management way of working at functional and crossfuncional level.
  • Identified and followed up Project risk at funcional, cross-fuccional and transnational level.

Project Manager - PMO Change Platform

08/2013 - 08/2014

  • Project: A380 MSI S13/18 Fluids
  • Defined, planned and deployed MSI projects based in LBIP and PMI methodology (Lifecycle for business improvement project) in order to assured ESBN savings, deliverables and GX milestiones.  
  • Led and assured GX millestones for the Lead time reducction project.
  • Followed up and reported DQN and UID quality control
  • Tools: SAP, BelTram, Codina

Flow Project Manager

07/2012 - 08/2013

  • Project: A350 ESI FWR S13/18 Electrical Installation.
  • Led and Coordinated daily video call, 3D and F3D status follow up with CIs, ATA responsables and supplier design managers in order to identified issues and get daily drawing status. 
  • Solved issues and improved communication at multifunctional level.
  • Reporting to ME assured Manufacturing Engineering and set prio targets with supplier.
  • Defined blocking blocking points and and way forward strategy to improved escalation.
  • Tools: Imade, SAP, PDM Link


Airbus Getafe

Xpuls Business Solution Gmbh

Freelance Project Manager Consultant

11/2010 - 03/2012

  • Project: A380, A350 and A320 Manufacturing composite. SOI harmonisation, process definition and Ticon calculation (based in MTM).
  • Described and calculated a workpackage of 6000 shopfloor hours.
  • Led team of 14 engineers, calculated manpower rump, project communication and defined way of working. 
  • Set risk analysis and recovery plan strategies. 
  • Focal point between multicural internaltional stakeholders.
  • Tools: Ticon and MTM methodology


Deutsche Carportfabrik Gmbh

Project Manager Consultant

03/2007 - 11/2009

  • Defined and improved workflow and logistics organisation. 
  • Implemented new HHRR methodology and company vision. 
  • Improved workflow way of working by implementing a clear department functionality definition.
  • Improved customer satisfaction by improving internal organisation and implemeting the new customer care department.